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Intent and Purpose:

The LCMS Youth Gathering has established a Gathering Grant program out of a portion of the Gathering Offering for the purpose of helping LCMS congregations and related congregationally-based groups and organizations reach out to un-churched and marginally-churched youth.

Who is eligible to receive grants through this program?

  • Youth and young adults in LCMS congregations committed to outreach to un-churched and marginally churched youth and young adults.
  • Individual persons and adult organizations working in partnership or collaboration with youth and youth groups.

First preference for selection of projects shall be granted to congregations who have attended an LCMS Youth Gathering.

What kinds of projects are NOT funded through these Gathering grants?

  • Ordinary and ongoing program or organizational operating expenses
  • Financial subsidy for congregations or other organizations
  • Major capital projects not related to youth outreach
  • Debt reduction or operating deficits
  • Staffing
  • Registration for youth events

Grants may be provided for programs, projects and events related to outreach

What are the deadlines for submitting grant proposals?

  • Grant proposals may be submitted to the LCMS Youth Ministry Office upon public announcement of the grant program.
  • Grant proposals may be submitted for consideration up to three months prior to the 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering or until all grant money has been designated for projects or whichever comes first.

Minimum and maximum grants

The minimum grant shall be $250. The average grant is anticipated to be $1,000. No grant will be made for more than $5,000. A grant cannot exceed the amount remaining in the Gathering Offering designated for Gathering Grants.

Length of Projects

Gathering grant projects should not exceed three years. All projects will have provided their final reports to the LCMS Youth Ministry Office by June 2016, prior to the 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering.

Grant Report Schedule

Reporting on the progress of grant projects shall be determined by the established completion date of each project.

  • Upon being accepted as a Gathering Grant recipient, the Grant committee and grantee will agree on a report schedule which will be incorporated into the submitted and accepted grant proposal.
  • Generally, reports shall be provided every six months. For a one year project, a progress report shall be submitted six months after the grant is made and a final report will be due one month after the ending date. A project of two or three years shall be asked to provide a progress report every six months.
  • Progress reports shall highlight successes and challenges. A budget report shall be required. Grantees will receive grant report forms and applicable deadlines at the time of the grant award. It is the responsibility of the grantee to complete all grant reports in a timely manner.

Apply Now

Just follow the steps below to complete your grant application:



Submit attachments for the projects to:
    National LCMS Youth Gathering Grants Project
    LCMS Youth Ministry Office
    1333 South Kirkwood Road
    St. Louis, MO 63122


Incomplete applications and those not following the above directions may be disqualified and returned to the applicant. Such proposals may be reworked and resubmitted.